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SPEED IS KING When It Comes To Sports Performance [VIDEO]

As athletes, we are always looking for ways to improve our performance, whether it is increasing strength, improving conditioning, or honing our skills. One key factor that is often overlooked, but is crucial to enhancing athletic/sports performance, is the development of acceleration. In this post, we will explore what acceleration is, why it is important, and how you can work on accelerating to improve your overall sports performance.


Acceleration is the rate of change of an athlete's velocity. It is the ability to increase speed quickly, which is important whether you are competing in sprints or team sports. In fact, most sports involve some element of acceleration, whether it is reaching the ball before your opponent in soccer, sprinting past defenders in football, or stealing second base in baseball and softball.  


Why is acceleration development so important for all sports? For starters, the ability to accelerate quickly can give an athlete a significant advantage over their opponents. It is often the difference between getting to the ball first or losing a race. Additionally, developing your acceleration can help you conserve energy, which is essential in sports that require sprinting followed by periods of rest. By accelerating efficiently, you will use less energy to achieve the same speed as someone who accelerates less efficiently.


So, how can you work on acceleration development? Here are some tips:


  1. Focus on improving your mechanics


Proper technique is key to accelerating efficiently. Your body should be in a low and forward-leaning position, with powerful arm swings while attacking the ground with rhythmic force with your legs. The first few steps are the most important, so make sure you are explosive out of the gate.


2. Train for power and explosiveness 194495862_l_normal_none


Developing your explosiveness is key to acceleration. Plyometric exercises like squat jumps, box jumps, and single-leg bounds are great for power development. Focus on jumping as high or as far as you can with each rep, maximizing the power and speed of your explosive movement.


  1. Strength training and force production


Strong legs and a stable resilient core is essential for acceleration. Exercises like squats, hex bar deadlifts, and weighted step ups can help you improve the amount of force you can apply to the ground which is key for optimal acceleration.


4. Train your reaction time


Reacting quickly to stimuli is crucial in accelerating. Exercises like reaction drills can help you develop this skill. Simple drills like reacting to a partner's voice or hand clap can help you develop your reaction time.


  1. Practice your start technique


Your start technique is critical for acceleration. Work on perfecting your technique by breaking down each step of your start and analyzing it in slow motion. Then, gradually increase your speed until you are ready to do a full start and accelerate as fast as you can.


Acceleration development is a crucial aspect of athletic performance that often goes overlooked. By focusing on proper mechanics, power, force production, reaction time, and start technique, you can improve your acceleration and start to gain a significant advantage over your opponents. Whether you are a sprinter, a football, soccer player, or a basketball player, developing your acceleration can help take your game to the next level. Start incorporating these tips into your training routine and see the difference it makes in your performance on the field or court.


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